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Organic Fertilzers/Soluble Calcium

Create living soils. Rich in nutrients.

Custom Blends

  • Soybean Starters
  • Corn Starters
  • Pasture Blends
  • Alfalfa Top-dress



Individual Ingredients
  • POTASSIUM CHLORIDE            

  • POTASSIUM SULFATE               

  • SOFT ROCK PHOSPHATE                

  • MICRO MIX                            

  • Sodium Borate 14.3%                  

  • 4 Source NITROGEN                

  • PEANUT MEAL                                    



Ken Anderson, our soil and nutrition expert is available for your questions: 

(608) 498-3832


C-165 is a unique blend of FINE ground calcium sources and humates. These products are mixed and aged before being blended with another calcium source. This process breaks down the bonds within the products making the ingredients extremely plant available.  Studies have shown over 165 pounds of soluable calcium per ton, making this an excellent application for alfalfa top dress. This is not to be used as a lime to correct the soil, rather a soluable calcium source to help carry nutrients to your plant.


"One Trip" is a blend of C-165 and Alfalfa fertilizer. The combination of these two products allow the farmer to apply a carrier (C-165) and a fertilizer with one pass.  Simply apply the combination with a spreader in "One Trip" decreasing soil compaction and time.

C-165 & "One Trip"
Calcium Products


  • Calcium
  • Sulphate
  • Hi-Cal Lime
  • Gypsum
  • Soybean Meal (Domestic)

*** C-165 BIO AVAILABLE***
165 lbs. of Soluble Calcium per TON

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