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Products & Services

Andersen Feeds continues to focus on the local family farmer but also supplies other feed dealers with its unique products. The business which once supplied farms within 20 miles now ships products throughout the
tri-state area. 



Andersen Feeds along with the Centerville Co-op recently began offering a full line of Natural and Organic fertilizer blends.  We can customize a blend based on the needs of the plant and soil. In addition to fertilizer, the business also blends a unique mixture of calcium and humates. This blend offers over 165 pounds of soluble calcium per ton.




The business is equipped with two bulk trucks for feed delivery. In addition, several tender trucks and fertilizer buggies are available for fertilizer delivery. Semi transportation can also be arranged with local drivers.





The mill is equipped with a grinder, sheller, roller, two horizontal mixers, two elevators,  a Roaster and a large warehouse for storage.




Andersen Feeds does not handle pesticides.

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